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An integrated communications firm founded in 2000, staffed by dedicated and pragmatic specialists working as one team led by Bilkis Mansoor, a versatile professional with multinational and national corporate exposure with over 20 years of experience in diversified business sectors.

We believe the business of marketing and advertising is part science, part art -- part logic, part creativity. It is harnessing the power of both sides that makes Creative Communication Ltd. (CCL) different from other advertising agencies.

We recognise that our industry can be mystery to some business leaders. We also know that some 'creative types' cannot fathom the basics of business. What makes us different is our ability to work on both sides of the equation, to synthesize smart concepts from both worlds - into ideas, executions, and results.

As a forward-thinking marketing and advertising firm, CCL is a solid partner at both strategic and tactical levels. We like to be a part of the big picture. We will roll up our sleeves and work with our clients on the decisions that will impact their organisation five, ten and more years into the future. Indeed, most of our clients have been with us since the initiation of the firm.

All our people are geared to the use of up-to-date technologies and focused on supplying our dedicated corporate or institutional clients with the most state-of-the-art achievements in both electronic and "traditional" media communication whether for informative and commercial purpose or for internal communication.

The fields approached in our realisations cover most of the economic, commercial or social scopes with a strong emphasis on providing carefully thought, user friendly and well targeted tool.

To present our recurrent clients with comprehensive electronic and publishing communication solutions, and to make CCL a 'complete solution provider', we have developed, over the years, a wide range of expertises in various scopes such as advertisement, multimedia presentations, web site creation, bannering, annual report and corporate brochures printing to name a few.

At CCL we do our best to present our client with solutions that apart from being strategically and technically tailored do have a special 'score', a subtle taste, and an extra soul.


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